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Producers Hybrids

ready-4-moreWe are on a mission.

Producers Hybrids is The Western Corn Belt Leader focused on superior products, elite genetics and cutting edge trait technologies. We truly believe it’s all in our genetics and that’s not just a statement about our products. Our sales team works for the success of our customers and their families.

We are exceedingly greater and outyield the rest. We think, work and live outside the bag with a Ready for More attitude and spirit. It’s where purpose meets passion and being ready for more. We are Producers Hybrids.

Standing Out On Your Farm

Our mission is to ensure our products perform on your farm. We built our P3 trial program to meet that goal. Explore our P3 trial program and past yield results to see how we stack up!

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Focused Solely On Seed

If you’re looking for answers to your burning questions about products, pests and more, tailored to you and your farm, you’re at the right place.

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Numbers Don’t Lie

What makes Producers Hybrids stand out is that each of our hybrids are required to pass rigorous genetic testing. That testing starts in the lab and continues in the field, head-to-head against our competitors. Only survivors of our rigorous testing are put into Producers Hybrids bags. Year-after-year, our products outperform our competition.

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