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Our mission at Producers Hybrids is to bring you the very best seed possible. We are truly focused on that – seed. Our agronomists throughout the Corn Belt dedicate their lives to discovering new and innovative ways to cultivate crops through our research and multi-brand test plots. Our team knows how to maximize every acre of your farm and puts that to the test each year through our plot testing programs such as our Premier Product Performance (P3) trial program.

With an agronomist in each of our regions, you will get answers to all of your questions about products, pests and more, tailored to you and your farm.

At Producers Hybrids, we work day in and day out to enhance farming productivity, sustainability, weed and pest management and most of all profitability for you. Through di-haploid technology and our rigorous testing and research program, agronomics are our top focus.

For a PDF of the following Di-Haploid Breeding Technology Sheet, please click here to download.



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Dedicated to ensuring our products perform on your soil, we test our products throughout our entire sales territory each year. See how we performed in a plot near you.

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We know nothing beats actually seeing how a product looks and performs with your own eyes. Stop by a plot day or other event near you to meet our team and view our products firsthand.

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