Join the #P3TOUR17

Premier Product Performance (P3) trials are incredibly important to us here at Producers Hybrids. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our products perform exceptionally on your farm. We want you to see our products in your area, in your soil, in your environment, on your farm. That’s what P3 trials do: they are built to show you our new products in your area, in your conditions and against the competition.

This year, we are hoping you will join us on the #P3TOUR17. This tour will allow you to see how our products are performing both near you and in our seven-state region. Through Social Media, you can keep up with P3 trial progress throughout our regions, from planting through harvest. And, if you’d like, you and your local dealer can work with your District Sales Manager and Agronomist to jump in a pickup and tour P3 trials throughout our regions so you can see first-hand how the crops are progressing in many different environments and areas.

Follow #P3TOUR17 on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) to see progress throughout #plant17 and the growing season and, if you’d like, join in the conversation with your updates from your farm. We can’t wait to hear from you!

April 10, 2017

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