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Scott Dugan, Western Nebraska Sales Agronomist
February 20, 2017

Why You Should Manage Excess Corn Residue

  As planting season closes in on us, it is important to look at ways that crop residue can affect

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Justin Irlbeck, South Dakota Sales Agronomist
February 20, 2017

Three Tips When You’re Planning for the Planter Pass

We’re in the heart of winter across Producers Hybrids country, which means many of you are preparing for the upcoming spring

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Caleb Pokorny, Eastern Nebraska Sales Agronomist
January 28, 2017

The Importance of On-Farm Research and the P3 Trial Program

The widespread adoption of precision agriculture has allowed growers to generate and collect more data than ever before. The big

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Aaron Ahrenholz, Minnesota Sales Agronomist
January 27, 2017

Coming This Year: New Process for Product Advancement

At Producers Hybrids, we are always looking for new ways to make sure our customers have the best products available

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January 2, 2017

What’s Your Mission?

As we start out the new year, many of you are making new year’s resolutions and setting new goals for

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By Eric Klein, Missouri/Kansas Sales Agronomist
December 29, 2016

Why You Should Evaluate Seeding Rates

Planning time is upon us and it is also a good time to evaluate what has worked well in the

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