Visiting Producers Hybrid Country :: A Week in Western Nebraska

A trend that I’ve noticed this summer is that Producers Hybrids employees are high-quality people with a drive to succeed and a passion for helping others. I spend a lot of time traveling the countryside with a wide variety of people, and everyone brings their own unique talents and perspective to the table. My week in western Nebraska was proof that any task is enjoyable when you are surrounded by these types of people.

My internship began in eastern Nebraska, and this week it was time to head to western Nebraska to finish out the state. District Sales Manager, Gavin Kenney, and sales intern, Ty Mangers, let me ride along with them on their adventure to flip seed boxes. This wasn’t the most exciting task, but like I said, good company can make anything fun. So, we took off down the road traveling from Kearney to Loup City to Arcadia to Gothenburg and back to Kearney (yes, this was a long trip).

Days that are spent traveling around the countryside may seem tedious to some, but I am always able to learn something new whether it’s an agronomical concept, a business practice, or just life advice. In this case, it was a little bit of everything.

I enjoyed watching Gavin interact with his customers, as it was very evident that they knew and respected him. At every farm we stopped at, Gavin made a point to stop and talk to the farmer to ask how their fields were doing and if there was anything else he could be doing for them. Each farmer was happy to stop what they were doing to talk to Gavin about their business.

While on this adventure with Ty and Gavin, Ty informed me that the three Nebraska interns were headed to Battle Creek the next day to give some TLC to a couple test plots. So, on Wednesday I made my way to Battle Creek for an intern adventure. Now, before I tell you about what we did, keep in mind that I volunteered to be involved in this extravaganza.

We arrived at the Battle Creek office and Michael Byers, the Nebraska agronomy intern, pulled up in his pickup, grabbed four garden hoes out of the back and handed us each one. At this point, I was wondering if I would regret my decision to happily volunteer for this task. We made our way to the test plot and Michael informed us that we were going to be weeding the corn and bean plots.

Before I go any farther, I want to inform you that this is not a typical intern activity at Producers Hybrids. It is a common misconception that interns are just hired to do hard labor all summer and not actually learn anything. However, at Producers Hybrids, interns are treated as part of the team and we are given countless learning opportunities throughout the summer. In this case, weeding the plots was simply something that needed to be done and the interns were the ones who had the time to do it.

So, we graciously grabbed our garden hoes and got after it. You’d be surprised about how much fun we actually had while completing this task. Put four college kids who don’t know each other in a field and by the end of the day we will be the best of friends.

This was yet another situation that proved that attitude is everything and good company makes a world of difference. It was refreshing to see everyone having fun and keeping a positive attitude while working hard.

On Thursday I had the opportunity to work with most of the Marketing team in Battle Creek. While I love all my travels and the opportunity to work remotely, I enjoyed being able to brainstorm in-person with the marketing team. Their energy is contagious and they always have impressive ideas to discuss.

This week was full of hard work, good company and good times. Stay tuned for updates from the great state of South Dakota next week!

Laura Klaes, Marketing Intern
June 16, 2017

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